A Call For Visionary Entrepreneurs

MBAs Across America is a national movement to revitalize America by mobilizing the nation’s best resources to support the visionary entrepreneurs that are creating jobs & changing lives in American communities every day.

As mentioned in The New York Times, MBAs Across America has enlisted multiple teams of MBAs from the nation’s top business schools who will dedicate the summer of 2014 to work with over 50 of America’s most promising entrepreneurs. We will dispatch MBAx teams to spend an intensive week with each entrepreneur we select for this year’s class — where they will help tackle a pressing challenge facing the business, tell the entrepreneur’s story through local & national media, and connect the entrepreneur to a life-long national network of support.

If you know or are a visionary entrepreneur that might be interested in collaborating with a team of committed MBAs and a national community of supporters long after the summer is over, please complete our brief Entrepreneur Application, which we will be reviewing on a rolling basis.

We are searching for entrepreneurs with three key traits:

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What should entrepreneurs expect from an MBAx Team?

Expect us to live up to our values:

What do last year’s entrepreneurs have to say?

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