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Many MBAs might ask “why?”

Why get on the vast, unknown road instead of the path that’s certain — the one that others expect me to follow? Why go to cities that are bankrupt or towns smaller than my high school, and leave behind the bright lights of major hubs? Why drive thousands of miles to meet strangers and eat in roadside diners and face new problems to tackle along the way?

Well we’re looking for MBAs who ask “why not?”

Why not put my passion, skills, and creativity to the test and make real impact with real entrepreneurs? Why not go on an adventure that will lead me to new insights on people, places, and ideas that I’ve never seen before? Why not use my last precious summer to build a movement that will put the wind at the back of job-creators and revitalize America?

Our Values:

Care deeply about the mission: Have an authentic and purpose-driven commitment to revitalizing America.

Listen more than you speak: Abandon airtime. Four people listening and asking thoughtful questions are more valuable than one person having a brilliant answer. MBAx teams include entrepreneurs in the work as participating members of the team, not as an audience.

Act more than you plan: The constraints of a week do not allow for hours of fiddling with a five year pro-forma model or excruciating over font size in a soon-to-be-forgotten deck. Our litmus test: what are we creating with the entrepreneur that they can put to use the week after we leave? What can they actually do with what we are creating, and when? If the answer is “not much” or “not soon”, go back to the drawing board.

Be willing to navigate uncertainty and discomfort: Being on the road for six weeks will challenge you in expected and unexpected ways. Be open to the opportunities for growth that these challenges bring and to learning from your teammates, entrepreneurs, and others you meet along the way.

If this sounds like you, you’re three steps away from becoming an MBAx.

1. Build the Team

All it takes is 4 pioneering MBAs to make a team. You’ll complete a short application, create a team video, and go through an interview process that allows us to put the most game-changing MBAs from across the country out on the road for 6 powerful weeks.

2. Plan the Journey

You’ll spend the next few months working with us to plan your team’s journey — selecting a route, the entrepreneurs you’ll work with, and getting to the heart of the biggest questions that they’re asking about their business. We’ll also connect you with mentors, business and political leaders, and creative catalysts from around the world that will be your network on the ground during the summer and beyond.

3. Hit the Road

We’ll gather teams from the nation’s top business schools for a kickoff summit before sending you out on the road. Each week, you’ll partner with a visionary entrepreneur to work through their biggest challenge or opportunity, engage with the change-makers of each community you visit, and share your story on the MBAxAmerica blog and national media outlets.

After the summer, you’ll get an MBAxAmerica portfolio that describes the impact that you made with real American startups and small businesses. How’s that for a line on the resume?

Applications for the inaugural summer 2014 class are now closed. Join our mailing list by clicking here to be alerted when our next round of applications begins!